Jacqui Cleijne, is a mostly self-taught artist with a passion for depicting Tasmanian wildlife and wilderness. This passion is evident in her beautiful interpretation of the states natural picturesque serenity and unique native animal life.
Born in Hobart Tasmania, Jacqui lived and worked for a period as an Architectural Drafts-person in Queensland, returning back to Tasmania in the late 80's to pursue her drafting career and follow her passion for art.
Her mother Robyn McNeil who is also an accomplished artist has naturally been influential in Jacqui's career.
Jacqui has since exhibited in several local and group exhibitions with sales at many venues. Her picturesque wilderness landscapes, seascapes and native animal paintings are popular among galleries, with a growing number of people following her work. Her paintings are enjoyed by many people from around the world, including Australia, Japan, USA, The Netherlands, and other. 

She also has a love for portraying the family pet, which has become a specialty.